What can you find on our menu?

Whether you're looking to find an exciting new treat or relax and savor your afternoon tea, Chef 21 Tea Republic is the tea lounge in Greenville, SC for you. You'll find delectable options on our menu like:

  • Customizable bubble teas
  • Coffee and matcha lattes
  • Snowflake shaved ice creams
  • Herbal and loose-leaf teas
  • Snacks and desserts
  • Wine and sake
Contact us at 864-263-3095 today if you have any questions about our menu.

Steeped With Love

Make a trip to our cozy tea lounge in Greenville, SC

Chef 21 Tea Republic is a local tea house located in the heart of Greenville, SC where tea enthusiasts gather to try a diverse selection of brews and boba teas. With our cozy ambiance and assortment of treats, we're the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful afternoon tea or connect with friends and family.

Visit us today to try one of our tea specials for yourself. Ask about how you can book our tea lounge for your next event!

Enjoy your bubble tea exactly how you like it

At Chef 21 Tea Republic, we're dedicated to serving up bubble tea exactly how you like it. We offer an array of customization options. After selecting whether you'd like your tea over ice, frozen or fantasy frozen, you can choose your:

Choose from an array of delicious fruit and milk teas
Select your favorite toppings, such as whipped cream
Pick the boba you like, perhaps mango popping or classic tapioca
Sugar level:
Determine the sweetness you want, either 75% or 100%

You can even include healthy additions like protein powder and chia seeds. Stop by our local tea house in Greenville, SC today to design and savor your ideal bubble tea.